To die and fade or not to die and fade

I noticed in Shakespeare’s Sonnets along with Hamlet death is a common motif. In both written works by Shakespeare death is acknowledged as sorrowful and an end to everything dealing with what has died. A shift in the attitude of death also occurs because Shakespeare shows how a person’s influence on someone whether it is love or beauty does not have to fade after death if the person influenced lets the deceased person live on in other ideas. For example, in Sonnet 18 The beauty of a women is still acknowledged today because Shakespeare wrote about her beauty and it is recorded. Hamlet’s father still lived on in the play because the ghost referred to himself as Hamlet’s father and since Hamlet tried to fulfill the request by the ghost of killing Claudius, Hamlet helped the influence of the ghost to still live on and influence his life choices.


Question #2- Fate or nahh

I think that the death of the characters are more a result of faith and Hamlets actions were based off of his fate. I also believe that the ghost is a demon that was meant by fate to destroy the lives of the characters in Hamlet. The demon completed its job in fate starting with hamlet. He played with hamlets emotions of sorrow with the death of his family and anger at Claudius for taking the throne and marrying his mother. The demon told Hamlet what he wanted to evoke a reaction from Hamlet that would cause him to try and kill Claudius. The demon knew that telling Hamlet to revenge Old Hamlet’s death would create a domino effect of deaths on the family. Hamlet did not know that Polonious was behind the curtain when he killed him. It was by fate that Polonious was killed by Hamlet. The death of Polonious contributed to the domino effect of the other deaths. I do not believe that the deaths could have been avoided if the characters made different choices because fate wanted all of them to die. No matter what choices Hamlet or any other character made everyone would still have died. Shakespeare is saying that the choices we make go hand in hand with our fate. In other words the choices we make are the choices that we are suppose to make.

William Blake

William Blake spent his entire life in London. He is seen as being a part of the romantic movement. Blake was also very influenced by the French and American Revolution. This reminds me of how his poems would involve chimney sweepers and children because they were prominently used around that time period. Jesus symbolizes the unity between divinity and humanity to William Blake. Therefore, in the biblical references that Blake uses is his poems Jesus is always seen as divine and Blake often
compares how humans act to Jesus.

Film VS Reading

I am glad that we watched the play because learning about the setting that the author had in my mind while writing the play is very beneficial. The characters in the film had a different appearance from what I visualized. I visualized Estrogen and Vladimir to be the same height. I did visualize Pozzo to be wealthier and dressed nicer than Estrogon and Vladimir similar to the author’s thoughts.The setting in the film was dull similar to the thought that I had imagined. The film did add some humor to the play for me which was great because it wasn’t as frustrating as reading the play. The humor was added in the film by the long pauses and exaggerations in the actors. Lucky was the best character in the play to me. I didn’t picture Lucky to move and appear the way he did in the film. I pictured Lucky as a slave but not as an old man. I felt really bad for Lucky and started to dislike Pozzo. A part of the setting that I did not view in the same way was the tree. I thought that the tree would be Huge and full of life with many leaves in order to show hope in waiting for Godot. The tree in the film did not resemble a tree at all to me. The tree in the film looked weak,dead, and dull. The tree added to the hopelessness in waiting for Godot in the film. I think that the setting is a good representation of the tone in the play that we read.

Flappy Bird

I don’t understand the game Flappy Bird. Everyone tries so hard to go to higher levels in this really tough game. It is hard to pass through pipes because flappy bird always hits one. When flappy bird hits a pipe the game is over. I don’t understand how people still try to play the game and call it addictive but get frustrated when they lose.

I think that the purpose of Flappy bird is to show that you should never give up no matter how hard something is. when I first downloaded Flappy bird, I could not get passed 6 pipes. I uninstalled the app soon as after. I have now installed the app again and it still frustrates me. Why does it have to be so hard?

Samuel Beckett’s Plays


Samuel Beckett is considered the last modernist and the first post-modernist. Many of Beckett’s plays consist of few characters. The play Waiting for Godot and Samuel Beckett’s other plays such as Theatre of Absured flow in a circular structure in comparison to Slaughterhouse five. The Waiting for Godot is about two guys waiting on someone else to return. The play goes in a cirular motion because everything repeats. The author Samuel Beckett has written other works that are similarly structured in that nothing major happens in his plays but is still repeated.Waiting for Godot is Samuel Beckett’s most famous play. This play is referred to as consisting of nothing but still being able to capture its audience. Theatre of Abusred also has a sense of meaningless and repetition such as ” Waiting for Godot because it was also written during the time of existentialism.

Thoughts on Drown Performances

Nuba and I decided to perform a skit. We chose a skit because our scenes from “Fiest 1980” involved many characters and using the class would have been a fun interactive experience.

The skit turned out to be very fun and the other participants enjoyed it. We also changed scenes well. I believe we deserve a at least a 90.

I learned how other people in the class viewed the personalities of the characters in the story. I also learned different ways to present projects,for example, I never thought of doing a comic book to present a project.

Movie Review: “Winter’s Bone”

The film “Winter’s Bone” is about a girl who is trying to provide for her family and is in search of her missing father. Her father plays a key role on the deciding factor of how their poor family will continue to live. The film is similar to it’s novel in plot structure. Like most films that originate from novels, events are left out. If you read the novel “Winter’s bone,” you might not be that impressed with the film. The film lacks important relationships between the main character Ree and other characters. The characters that were left out in the film  play a vital role in showing the personality of Ree. A first timer might enjoy the movie because the main character, Ree, is played by Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer does a good job playing a strong independent 17 year old girl. Jennifer shows great emotion in her role that is very relatable. The movie shows a great appreciation for family and how important family connections are. The film is very suspenseful and causes viewers to question how important family really is to them. The setting also is very gloomy but adds to the suspense of the movie. If anyone is interestsed in suspenseful movies then “Winter’s Bone” is definietly a great movie to watch.

Stars: 4 out of 5.

A Heroic Journey: Ree

1. The world of common day: Ree is the main character in Winter’s Bone. She lives with her two younger brothers and crazy mom in the Ozarks or Missouri. Ree’s father has abandoned his family and is also a meth seller/crank cooker.

2. The call to adventure: Ree’s father, Jessup, put his family’s house on bail and needs to appear on the next court date.

3. Refusal of the call: Uncle Teardrop wants Ree to leave the situation alone and don’t search for trouble.

4.Meeting with the mentor: Ree’s uncle, Teardrop, tries to help Ree in her investigation to find her dad. In the beginning Teardrop did not want Ree to try to find her father because dealing with meth sellers and her father’s troubles was dangerous. Later he accepts that Ree badly wants to find her dad to take care of her family problems.

5. Crossing the threshold: Ree travels to Hawkfall to visit her relatives of the Milton family.

6.Allies, Enemies, and Test: Blonde Milton is one of Ree’s enemies because he lied to Ree. He told Ree that her father died in a meth lab but she realized he was lying when he took her to the meth lab and she saw it was very old and abandoned. Ree’s allies are her brothers, gail, and Teardrop.

7. Approach to the inmost: The visit Ree takes to Thrump Milton’s house was very dangerous. She was warned not to go there but disobeyed.

8. The supreme ordeal: Ree visited Thrump Milton’s house and family again. She was beaten up by the Thrump Milton girl’s. Ree was injured badly.

9. The Reward: Ree is rewarded when the Thrump sisters take her to her father’s body and they help her gather evidence that shows that her father is dead to Baskin.

10. The road back: Ree must return the hands of her father to Baskin and she must live with the fact that her father is dead.

11.Threshold closing: Ree’s house is saved and she receives money from the bond placed on her father.

12.Return with Elixir: Ree wants to buy a car to leave town with her family. She realizes the Ozarks is a bad place and to have a better life they must leave.

Laramie Project PROJECT

   This project was a great experience. I enjoyed listening to all of the interviews. My project was about how people percieve homosexuality. This topic was interesting to me because my mother works with a lot of homosexuals at her job and recently went to the gay pride festival. It is apparent that most people believe that homosexuals are accepted more now then they were before the 2000. Homosexuality is becoming a normal thing. People that are against homosexuality are of older generations.


    I liked the project about I.B. students because I learned that people actually thought about us. I figured that most people would say we are smart and don’t have friends. Most people really didn’t know what I.B. was and I feel that they should all be informed. I wish THE GROUPS THAT TALKED ABOPUT INTERRACIAL DATING interviewed me. Like HELLO! I am a product of multiple races. Besides that, I felt that the groups that talked about interracial dating were great. The overall outcome I learned was that older people are the ones that are against change in dating preferences. Older people are not that accepting of change in general.